A few words about SMA.com

A friendly and talented team, with strong technical expertise,
developing mathematical models for the medical and financial industry.

Innovative Medical Models

We're creating smart modelization algorithms that transform smartphones and tablets into full-scale mobile health assistants. We make health monitoring easier, faster and more reliable. Our solutions are more comprehensive and more intelligent than most dedicated medical devices.

Reducing Risk in Finance

Reducing risk in real-time is a major concern for global institutions, banks, hedge funds and prop traders. Those working with financial instruments known as derivatives are especially keen to control risk. Behavioral economy shows that psychology plays a major role in finance in general, and in speculation in particular. We provide technical solutions focused on individual and crowd psychology.


Our Story

Our team? Scholars in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Programming and language analysis (6 PhDs + Masters Degrees). Together, we create intelligent risk-optimization models and tools for non-verbal communication, semiotics and pre-understandings analysis.

Our Process

History tends to repeat itself. It is therefore easy to generate basic models, in most fields. Our starting point is building simple prototypes. Then, we basically test and optimize until the results are mind-blowing.

Our Future

A public access should be offered around 2018-2019.

Who are you?

At this early stage, we work exclusively with selected innovative companies. If you are already a client, you can use your private access. If you are new and consider registering, do so: you could receive a beta-test invitation! If you're not a client but would like to know more, contact us any time!

Our revolutionary models are:

  • Practical

    We work with real-world data, investing money and time to perfect our proprietary models.

  • Scalable

    Efficiency, simplicity and scalability are requirements when building new models.

  • Profitable

    Some of our models are already turning complex data into cash — in real-time.

  • Simple

    With our models, even the uninitiated can understand previously obscure data.

  • Amazing

    Our models have exceeded our expectations. And we believe we can do even better today!

  • Fast

    Our models adapt extremely fast to changing conditions, with limited human intervention.